68 Cougar, mostly done bare metal restoration

Location: 30318

Date posted 05 Jan 2017

Price: $ 12500

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There's a link at the end to show all the pictures I have of her.
I'll get some more up tomorrow of the current state of everything.
Picked this bad girl up in High school before I joined the Army from an Air Force guy (CA kept car). Wasn't running, just had a 351W block. Worked on and off for 8 years on her, she runs fine and I've done city and highway driving to test and a few date nights.
Took her down to bare metal and then put her back together. I hate rust and wanted to make sure that there wasn't any and would never be any. Passenger floor-pan was replaced and there was maybe a dimes worth (more like half of one) of specs around a rear wheel well. Pulled original paint codes and got her done. I've replaced all brakes and suspension.
The only spot that isn't perfect is just below the drivers side bumper, looks like it was hit before so there's a slight rise. Unless you were looking for it or knew it was there you wouldn't be able to tell.
I'm in school again, I've loved working on her but I'll be switching back to woodworking, nuclear engineering, and some other projects. I simply don't have the time to finish her and could use the space for other things.
If you have a particular photo request please ask. The price reflects all parts and total dollar amount put in, $12,500 OBO
VIN: 8F91C536324.
Non-Original parts:
302 vs 289
FMX vs C4
electrical sequential unit vs mechanical
flex plate behind bucket seats
sound deadener (www.sounddeadenershowdown.com is what I did) vs stock
door scuff plates vs none
Work to be done:
Finish headliner install
Chrome cleaned up and attached, I have a lot of it cleaned or new from WCCC
Power steering attached if desired, I have the parts
Dash reassembled - off to get cluster cleaned up, have a replacement dash pad as well
Slight tweak on brakes to even it out, pulls a hair left
Hood alignment - driver side sticks up a hair, may be from me installing on my own and just needs lowered
Idles high - gas pedal is a bit tight is all
Parts needed:
AC rebuilt if desired - have original system still
Blinker switch inside of steering column - brake lights and turn signals don't work but headlights and high-beams do, as do the cluster lights.
Fuel gauge wire
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