Ultra-Rare 1969 XR7 428CJ R-Code 98.9% orig and rust free


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Location: 37087

Date posted 12 Nov 2017

Price: $ 35000

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Selling my 1969 Cougar as lised above. Have owned and dry stored for 20 years, have over 10 vehicles and want to sell her to someone who knows how rare she is and has the time to restore here properly. Still has original paint code markings showing on springs, driveshaft, rear end, from the factory. Completly stock and original with exception that 3.00 open pumpkin  was removed and changed to 3:50 positracton unit before I purchased, otherwise everthing else is original or there. The A/C compressor and distributor are in trunk, and BTW, the Ram Air gasket is brand new too.

Car has everything that is listed on Marti Report.

They used an open 3.00 rear in the cars that came with A/C so the revs would not get too high for the A/C compressor.

It should be noted that the hidden headlamps are still functional and hold vacuum after all these year which is highly unusual.

Found an old email from Scott Taylor (428 registry in AZ) he sent to me back in 2010.

Here are the production #s on your car (from Kevin Marti's book Cougar by the Numbers) show:

For the 428CJ Ram air automatic - for the 1969 Cougar XR7 hardtop - 365 total were made. Of that total, 71 are known to still exist, and are on the Cougar registry today.

Of that 71 known, just 5 have white exterior paint, and just yours has the Blue leather interior. It's the only like that known.

The rear spoiler doesn't add to or subtract from the value of the car. If you like it, then keep it. Otherwise, unbolt it and sell it.

If you have anymore questions about your car, feel free to ask.

Regards, Scott Taylor, Cougar club of America 428CJ Registry guy

 You can call me at 508-726-6397 - Pete I live / work in MA but car is in TN outside of Nashville.


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